When you enroll with NAFCS you become part of a system that ensures your child will receive the best possible education — and not just for him or her, but for you. Because everything we do is based on the freedom to select an ideal outcome, everyone’s needs are considered.

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Belief Statement

  • The purpose of education is to discover, share, and seek mastery of knowledge in the pursuit of personal fulfillment, lifelong learning, and the improvement of humanity.
  • Administrators and teachers are knowledgeable about child development, curriculum, instruction, technology, supervision, and management theories; they implement exemplary practices.
  • All students are challenged to excel.
  • Schools provide a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Successful schools are a shared responsibility of students, parents, school corporation, and the community.
  • Student success requires active parental involvement, encouragement, and support.
  • Effective educational programs require high quality, equitable facilities and appropriate allocation of resources to support each student’s needs.
  • Diversity, respected and embraced in our schools, makes us stronger.
  • The school corporation promotes innovation, supports and respects all participants, and encourages the development of each individual’s maximum potential.
  • The consensus process is an effective model for making joint decisions.
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