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How do I apply to earn dual credit?

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From Ivy Tech:

  • Apply online to get a C#
    • You only do this one time, once you have your C# you will continue to use the same C#
    • You will need to share your Social Security Number with Ivy Tech on this application 
  • Application deadline:
    • November 1, 2020 for Semester 1 and year long courses
    • April 1, 2021 for Semester 2 only courses
  • Meet the prerequisites/criteria for each dual credit class:
    • PSAT/SAT/ACT scores
    • GPA (for Seniors and Juniors)
    • Ivy Tech Placement Exam
    • Other Ivy Tech Courses


From Ball State:

  • 1.       The student applies for admission via Slate, our online application system – Student will use their information to complete the application. Some areas will ask for parent information but the primary information used will be their own. They will set up a user ID and password in this step for the Slate application system. This is ONLY for the Slate application system. They will not use it to register for their classes.
  • 2.       The student decides the course(s) they wish to take (either online through BSU or the ones offered on-site at their school) and lists those on the High School/Parent permission form. The student signs the form, then the parent and finally the school counselor or the school’s site coordinator for the Dual Credit program.
  • 3.       The form is uploaded by the student in to the application portal. (They set up their user ID and password for the application portal in step #1.) If the student cannot upload the form, the counselor can, or it can be sent via email to
  • 4.       Once the form is uploaded, our Dual Credit team will process the application for admission. Once the admission decision is made the student will receive an email 1-2 days later stating that a decision has been made on their admission application and ask them to log in to the Slate portal.
  • 5.       After receiving their admission decision email, approximately one day later the student will receive an email that contains their Ball State credentials, which is their user ID for the registration system.
  • 6.       The student then registers for the classes they listed on their permission form for the current term via Self-Service Banner. The student should register using the course add/drop/withdrawal function of Self-Service Banner where they will enter the course reference number (CRN) for each course they wish to register for. Please discourage them to use the ‘look up a class’ function of the registration system, as they could accidentally register for an incorrect section of the course.


  • It is important to know that a student cannot register for classes until they have received their Ball State credentials via email, which is typically three days after being admitted.


From Indiana University:

  • Frau Seymour will help students get enrolled in the system. 
  • Meet the prerequisites/criteria for the class:
    • GPA
    • Must be at least in grade 10-12 in good standing