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HANDOUT FOR STUDENTS – Dual Credit Qualifications

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Definition of Dual Credit:
Specific courses offered by high schools that can allow a student to earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously.

Becoming a Dual Credit Student:

The New Albany High School Teacher who is providing you with this handout is also an instructor for Ivy Tech Dual Credit courses.  To become an “official” Dual Credit Student, you need to:

(1) apply to Ivy Tech Community College for an Identification Number (C #) and 

(2) meet pre-requisites (meet college readiness standards for each course) in order to qualify (for most courses):



  • If this is your first Dual Credit course with Ivy Tech, please complete the online Dual Credit application at: must complete the application as soon as possible.  
    • Students only need to complete the online Dual Credit application once in their high school career.
    • Your social security number is required when filling out the application as well as your parent’s contact information (including address, email, and phone number).
    • After you submit the completed online Dual Credit application, you will receive an e-mail from Ivy Tech confirming you have successfully completed it.  You will also receive a letter in the mail at the address you provided on your application containing your Ivy Tech student ID# (otherwise known as your C#).  The letter will also confirm completion of the Dual Credit application and does NOT guarantee that you will receive college credit. See below for Pre-requisite/College Readiness Information.
  • The deadline for completing the application for Dual Credit is September 4, 2020.



  • Ivy Tech requires you to be college ready and to meet pre-requisites in order to be registered and earn college credit (for most courses).
    You must show college readiness by November 1 st for semester 1 only and yearlong courses and February 15 th for semester 2 only courses.
  • There are many ways to qualify (show college readiness):
    • Meet minimum PSAT, ACT, or SAT scores
    • Have a minimum GPA of 2.6 with a Core 40 or higher (juniors and seniors only). GPA alone will not qualify you for: MATH 135, 136, 137, 201, 211, 212, CHEM 101, PHYS 101, or SDEV 140.
    • Meet minimum “Knowledge Assessment” scores (if you do not qualify by any other means listed above).
  • Pre-requisites vary by course. See your high school counselor for a complete list of the qualifying scores for each Dual Credit course.
  • Pre-requisite deadlines must be met during the school year of the Dual Credit course in which you are seeking credit.

Qualifying for Dual Credit

  1. Every Dual Credit course has a different set of “College Readiness” (pre-requisite scores) that you will need to meet (i.e. PSAT Reading 25, PSAT Writing 26, PSAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing 430).
  2. You will be given a placement exam called “Knowledge Assessment” only if you don’t qualify by any other means (PSAT, SAT, ACT, or Jr/Sr GPA).  Your NAHS Dual Credit Teacher and your NAHS Counselor will work with you and your Ivy Tech Community College (ITCC) Coordinator if you need to complete the “Knowledge Assessment”.
  3. ITCC and High School Counselors use your “Knowledge Assessment” results to help determine if you can be registered for college level courses. “Knowledge Assessment” will also help identify your knowledge, strengths, and needs in Math and Reading/Writing. 

STGEC – Statewide Transfer General Education Core 

  1. Ivy Tech Community College and High Schools partner together to offer many Dual Credit courses.  With proper Dual Credit course selections and by demonstrating college readiness, students may be able to complete the STGEC (Technical Certificate) at their High School at little to no cost to the student.
  2. The STGEC will transfer to any Indiana public college or university as a block of 30 credit hours toward meeting general education requirements for a Bachelor’s degree.  This 30-credit hour block of courses is equivalent to a full year of college coursework.  The SGTEC is established by a state of Indiana law (Senate Act 182 initiated in 2012).  All Indiana public colleges/universities have agreed upon a set of general education coursework to be bundled in an easily transferable package.
  3. The STGEC is the first half of the course work leading to the Associates in General Studies Degree.
  4. Benefits of earning the STGEC:
    • College Completion:  Earn a Technical Certificate while in high school.
    • Smooth Credit Transfer:  Bundle the 30 general education credits in a Technical Certificate for easy credit transfer.
    • Cost-Effective:  Earn a college completion for very little to no expense.  
    • Save Time or Lessen Your Load:  By completing most of your general education courses while in high school, you can save time on earning your Bachelor’s degree or take fewer credits each semester at your future college/university and still graduate on time.
    • Start Major/Program Courses Sooner:  You will be able to start the courses in your major sooner since you have already completed most of your general education courses.

5.  Students must complete at least 1 course from each of 6 categories (listed below) and earn a minimum of 30 credit hours for the STGEC completion.  The 6 STGEC categories are:  

      1.   Written Communication (3-6 credits)
      2.   Speaking and Listening (3-6 credits)
      3.   Quantitative Reasoning (3-12 credits)
      4.   Scientific Ways of Knowing (3-12 credits)
      5.   Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing (3-12 credits)
      6.   Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing (3-12 credits)

6.Dual Credit from other colleges/universities and Advanced Placement (AP) test scores may be transferred to Ivy Tech in order to fulfill the STGEC requirements.

7. If a course in the STGEC curriculum is not offered at the student’s high school, the course can be taken at Ivy Tech (on-campus or on-line) for college credit (if the student qualifies).

8. Students must earn at least 15 of the 30 credits through Ivy Tech.

9. Students must complete with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (Ivy Tech GPA).


Ivy Tech Sellersburg Dual Credit Contacts

New Albany High School – Dr. Janet Page Email: (PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT)

Phone: 812-246-3301 ext. 4570