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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department at New Albany High School is proud to offer a wide range of studio courses including AP Studio Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Jewelry, Painting, Advanced 2D, Advanced 3D/Sculpture, Visual Communication, and Art History. The Visual Arts Class Schematic will help you plan your Visual Arts classes.

Meet the Faculty

Mrs. Monica Schotter (AP Studio Art, Ceramics, Fiber Arts, Jewelry, Advanced 3D/Sculpture, and Intro to Art)

Monica has been an Art Educator at New Albany High School since 2005. She has a degree in Visual Arts Education and Theatre (costume design) from Morehead State University. Earning her Master’s in Education from Indiana University S.E. in 2010. Monica is an active member of Art Education Association of Indiana (AEAI) serving on the executive council as a District 7 Co-Rep and Webmaster. She serves as the Chairperson for the NAFCS Secondary Art Show, and the sponsor for New Albany High Schools chapter of National Art Honor Society. She’s a lifelong learner continuing her educational journey through state and national conferences; leading AEAI workshops, and attending workshops from other venues to learn new skills and techniques from professional artist in the field that can be brought back to the classroom and shared with students. Visit my classroom website to learn more: Schotter’s Art Room


Ms. Sarah Collins (AP Studio Art, Drawing, Photography, Visual Communication, and Intro to Art)






Mr. Andrew Hardin (Art History, Advanced 2D, Painting and Intro to Art)

Andrew Hardin earned a BA in Studio Art from Hanover College and an MA in Critical and Curatorial Studies from the University of Louisville. He has been teaching at New Albany High School since 2021. Before beginning his teaching career, he was a museum professional who worked with the Cincinnati Art Museum, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and other museums. In addition to teaching, he currently serves on art related committees in the community and continues to create art in his free time.



Class Offerings:

Introduction to 2D & 3D Art

Prerequisite for all other Visual Art Classes

All grade levels. This year long class will introduce students to a wide range of projects and various media as they explore different techniques and processes for creating works of art.

Advanced 2D (1 semester)

We are excited about this new class offering for the 2022-23 year!

10th – 12th Grades. Students create realistic and abstract prints utilizing processes such as relief, engraving, silk screen, and embossing. Materials used may include easy cut, foam, cardboard, plexiglass, and other materials to create editions of drawings and designs.

Advanced 3D (1 semester)

We are excited about this new class offering for the 2022-23 year!

10th – 12th Grades. Students create realistic and abstract sculptures utilizing subtractive and additive processes of carving, modeling, construction, and assembling. Materials used may include plaster, wood, wire, wax, paper, and found objects.

Art History (1 semester)

We are excited about this new class offering for the 2022-23 year!

All grade levels.


2022 Secondary Art Show 11th grade ceramics winner, Keila Martinez10th – 12th Grades. Students create works of art in clay utilizing the processes of hand building, molds, wheel throwing, slip and glazing techniques.





2022 Secondary Art Show 11th grade best in show winner, Avery Decker

10th – 12th Grades. Drawing I & II focuses on learning basic drawing skills with an emphasis on observational drawing. Students create drawings utilizing processes such as contour, value, gesture, negative space, and perspective. Media used includes pencils, pastels, ink, and graphite.



Fiber Arts 

2022 Secondary Art Show 10th grade fiber arts winner, Kayla Corbett10th – 12th Grades. Students create Fiber Art works utilizing processes such as stitching, weaving, soft form sculpture, handmade papers, surface design, and batik. Emphasis is placed on exploring material, creative design, and craftsmanship.


10th – 12th Grades. In Painting classes students learn about creating designs and color relationships. Students will also learn how to apply the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design to their paintings. Advanced students are encouraged to explore painting further by using still-life setups and models.


10th – 12th Grades.

Visual Communication 

10th – 12th Grades.

AP Studio Art

11th & 12th Grades.

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