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Visual Arts Projects

 Underwater Photos

There was an underwater photo shoot in October by a group of Media Arts students in Mrs. Schultz’s class.  Here are a few photos of the students taking pictures from the session.    Caitlin Randall is the single person.  The other photo features photographer, Mikaela Humphrey and models Jaden Willard and Lilly Morgan.

The Art Department would like to express our thanks to the NAFC Education Foundation for a Great Classroom Grant to purchase an underwater camera and an underwater housing for a DSLR camera. This equipment is providing more opportunities for students to think outside of the box and rise to new challenges in underwater photography!! The public can help to support ongoing grants for teachers that benefit students in our school corporation by going to this website www.NAFCEdFoundation.org.

The Little Free Library

Two students in the Visual Arts Department worked on a newsrack for the Little Free Library Project.  This was a collaborative project with the Arts Council of Southern Indiana and Scmidtt Furniture.  Junior, Rosie Brown was the designer and one of the painters for this project.  Here assistant was junior, Benji Santa Maria.  Both students put in many after school hours to paint the design on the newsrack.  It was installed in a dedication on April 22, 2016 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown New Albany.  Over 700 books were collected for this project with New Albany High School contributing over 300 books!! New Albany High School Art Educators,  Kevin Schultz and Trish Korte were sponsors for the project.


The Conversation Project

The Arts Council of Southern Indiana is proud to announce their collaboration in a public art project between Keep New Albany Clean and Green, and the New Albany High School Art Department and their students.

New Albany High School teachers Trish Korte and Kevin Schultz have been working on this public art project for the past two years.  Last year’s creation was placed at the I-64 interchange, and this year’s sculpture is installed outside the downtown YMCA, near the main entrance.

Sculpture 64 Project

The sculpture project was born when Julie Schweitzer, Director of the Arts Council of Southern Indiana, contacted art teachers Trish Korte and Kevin Schultz about a community sculpture project.  Two community organizations,  The Rotary Club of New Albany and Keep New Albany Clean and Green, wanted to commission a public sculpture with a $5,000 grant.  Trish Korte submitted a design for the sculpture that was approved by the organizations and  work began with the New Albany High School art students.  Ms. Korte worked diligently with her students to create the components for the sculpture while Ms. Schultz got busy making connections to find community donors to provide goods and services for the project and arranged scheduling for each phase of the installation.   Art Teacher,  Monica Schotter also had some of her Advanced Ceramic students creating beads for the sculpture too. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, all materials and services were provided at no cost to the Art Department. The sculpture is inspired by the history of our city. Objects reveal the past through symbolic imagery on clay and display a unique narrative of the industries built in our town. The design of this sculpture was influenced by the desire to collaborate with as many students as possible. Students contributed through research, construction, glazing, and inventorying the many forms used to assemble the structure. Configuring the form and calculating the number of cylinders, boxes, and spheres was just one more way to include all aspects of the collaboration with New Albany art students; giving them the opportunity to make their mark on the city and create their own narratives and histories.

SPECIAL THANKS to our sponsors:

The Rotary Club of New Albany and Keep New Albany Clean & Green

Donors for services and  products were:

The Arts Council of Southern Indiana
Julie Schweitzer ASB
LLC Custom Homes
David Schuler
Padgett, Inc.
Sellersburg Stone, Inc.
Kenny Rush
Earth First
Sculptor, Al Nelson

Underwater Photography

Kandace McKinley and Aril Offutt are the photographers of  these underwater photos.