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NOTE: Wilton Feiock was named “Outstanding Wrestler” of the state meet in 1961.

Mitch Robb 82 pins
Scott Klusmeier 70 pins
Joey Coffey 66 pins
Tre Lynch 56 pins
Demetrain Cole 56 pins
Terry Hublard 56 pins
Cameron Parker 53 pins
Taylor Hoke 53 pins
Jeremy McCormick 52 pins
Steve Minton 51 pins
JT Jenkins 51 pins
Phillip James 49 pins
Mitch Robb 151 Wins
Scott Klusmeier 147 Wins
Joey Coffey 137 Wins
Hunter Castleberry 127 Wins
Demetrain Cole 127 Wins
Austin Jamison 123 Wins
Tre Lynch 118 Wins
Terry Hublard 118 Wins
Steve Fransley 118 Wins
JT Jenkins 116 Wins
Tim Martin 116 Wins
John Maymon 250 Takedowns
Hunter Castleberry 224 Takedowns
JT Jenkins 202 Takedowns
Ivan Rodriguez 194 Takedowns
Mitch Robb 182 Takedowns
Nick Oxley 161 Takedowns
Tim Martin 160 Takedowns
Terry Hublard 158 Takedowns
Joey Coffey 153 Takedowns
Kirk Moore 151 Takedowns
Steve Minton 53 Wins
Steve Minton 30 Pins
John Maymon 97 Takedowns
Bill Brown CT Bachman
Kevin McAdams Jeremy McCormic
Tony Scott Tarreck Yennes
Neil Sisloff Doug Cross
3X Eric Burres Wade Thaxton
Eric Schnieder Lawrence Mann
Kelby Price Chris McCaulet
3X Demetrain Cole Steve Minton
Ryan Root Michael Cook
Sam Merritt Ryan Love
3X Kirk Moore 2X John Maymon
Terry Hublard Nick Oxley
Kyle Hall 2X Ivan Rodriguez
JT Jenkins Brent Kaelin
2X Tim Martin Larry Rickman
2X Austin Jamison Ethan Lee
2X Hunter Castleberry Tre Lynch
Dalton Mowery D Frederick
Tristin Dowell
Bill Brown Chris Reynolds
2X Jeremey McCormic 2X Rick Foster
Ben Wrigth Neil Sisloff
2X Doug Cross 2X Eric Schnider
2X Eric Burres 2X Ed Midriff
2X Wade Thaxton Chris McCauley
3X Mitch Robb 2X Demetrain Cole
Major Dodge Derek Hutchens
2X PJ Pelkey Cameron Parker
3X Joey Coffey Steve Minton
Ryan Root 2X Scott Klusmeier
Aaron Drake Micheal Cook
Sam Merritt Josh Graves
Ryan Love 3X Terry Hubblard
2X Kirk Moore Martin Woodrome
Nick Oxley Kyle Hall
2XIva Rodriquez JT Jenkins
Breant Kaelin 2X Tim Martin
Larry Rickman Taylor Hoke
2X Austin Jaminson 3X Hunter Castleberry
Aaron Gohl Dalton Mowery
D Frederick Ethan Lee
Bill Brown Rick Foster
Jeremey McCormick Neil Sisloff
Doug Cross 2X Eric Burres
Lawrence Mann Chris McCauley
Demetrain Cole Mitch Robb
2X Joey Coffey 2X Steve Minton
Ryan Love 2X Terry Hublard
Kirk Moore Martin Woodrome
2X Ivan Rodriquez JT Jenkins
Breant Kaelin Nick Oxley
Tim Martin Larry Rickman
2X Austin Jamison  Hunter Castlrberry
Tristin Dowell Dalton Mowery
D Frederick
Eric Burres Steve Minton
Joey Coffey Ivan Rodriguez
Tim Martin
Year Weight Name Place
1932 hwt. Kenneth Eakles 2nd
1932 175 Lloyd Shallers 4th
1958 127 Joe Kannaple 3rd
1958 145 David Ramsey 3rd
1959 145 Eric Feiock CHAMP
1960 112 Larry Mann 4th
1960 145 Wilton Feiock 2nd
1961 112 Larry Mann CHAMP
1961 145 Wilton Feiock CHAMP
1962 127 Rick Huebel 3rd
1962 145 Gary Walters 4th
1963 112 James Binkley 2nd
1963 hwt. John Willman 4th
1965 95 Jerry Estes 3rd
1966 103 Jerry Estes CHAMP
1966 138 David Pavey 2nd
1967 127 Gordon Alstott 4th
1967 120 Jerry Estes 3rd
1969 hwt. Rick Warren 2nd
1976 105 Robert Bradley SQ
1976 138 Chuck Pyles SQ
1977 112 Robert Bradley SQ
1977 138 Chuck Pyles 3rd
1978 112 Robert Bradley CHAMP
1979 105 Bill Cook SQ
1979 177 Eddie Stone SQ
1985 119 John Caccamise SQ
1985 145 Steve Farnsley 4th
1986 145 Steve Farnsley 6th
1986 155 Daryl French SQ
1987 98 Billy Brown SQ
1990 119 Jeremy McCormick SQ
1994 152 Eric Burres 2nd
1996 119 Demetrain Cole SQ
1998 145 Steve Minton 3rd
1998 152 Larry Pelkey SQ
1998 119 Mitchell Robb SQ
1999 119 Joseph Coffey SQ
1999 145 Steve Minton 2nd
1999 125 Mitchell Robb CHAMP
2000 103 Scott Klusmeier SQ
2004 103 Terry Hublard SQ
2004 171 Ryan Love 7th
2006 112 Terry Hublard SQ
2007 140 Martin Woodrome SQ
2007 145 Ivan Rodriguez SQ
2007 171 JT Jenkins 6th
2008 125 Nick Oxley SQ
2008 145 Ivan Rodriguez 7th
2008 152 Brent Kaelin SQ
2008 171 JT Jenkins 4th
2009 125 Tim Martin SQ
2010 130 Tim Martin SQ
2015 138 Hunter Castleberry SQ
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