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Mission Statement

By providing support, instruction, and materials and by offering access to information in a variety of formats to meet both curricular and personal information needs of students and staff. The New Albany High School Library Media Center is an integral part of the school’s instructional program to insure a successful New Albany High School Experience.

New Albany High School Library

Library Media Center Staff:
Barbara Alexander, Librarian
Lucie Cissell, Technology
Bridgette Crump, Technology/Library Assistant

  • Opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 3:15 p.m. (later as students need resources)
  • May check out up to 4 books at a time for 4 weeks at a time
  • May check out 4 graphic novels at a time for 2 weeks
  • Computers are available for all Microsoft Office Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Access)
  • Acceptable Use Policy of the school corporation directs Internet access

Library e-mail – nahslibrary@nafcs.k12.in.us — available for students to send documents to school to be printed.